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Coats Astra
Supplier for Sewing Threads

Coats Astra is part of the worldwide family of Coats companies founded nearly 250 years ago and is now based in over 60 countries. COATS astra is a lubricated super high tenacity 100% staple spun polyester thread. It is an exceptional thread with dependable sewing performance in high speed and critical sewing operation.

Astra is Coats’ premium spun polyester thread produced from quality polyester fibre. An advanced low-friction lubricant and uniform construction provides exceptional sewing performance in high-speed and critical sewing operations. Astra is Coats’ global brand and has been developed to meet all sewing requirements over a wide range of fabrics. It is available in 222 shades all in stock for immediate availability.

Astra Threads & Trimmings Ltd. Manufacturers and distributors of Industrial sewing threads and ancilary products to the textile industry such as Sewing Threads Industrial, Zip Fasteners, Trimmings, Accessories, Hook and Loop Tapes Standard & Technical, Interlocking Plastic Mushroom Fastener, Webbing, Plastic Fittings, Elastics, Cords.

Visit this TransGulf's Supplier @ http://www.coatsvn.com.vn/english/sewing.htm

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